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Battlefield 3 Hacks

So far, the Battlefield series was primarily known for their great team play and the superb combination of military shooter and vehicular action, and less for technical feats. To date, because Battlefield 3 sets standards in many areas. In which reveals our test.

About ┬╗Battlefield 3 – solo campaign test to the single player mode┬╗ test video for multiplayer Annotated scenes & Conclusion “technology check to Battlefield 3 Graphics Comparison & needs” analysis to EA Origin Devil in the contract details ┬╗The Battlefield series retrospective with Who is the special test for Battlefield 3 for us one of the highlights of the Games in 2011. Rate in the series tradition is Battlefield 3. Primarily as a multiplayer shooter (including co-op) But the mammoth work of Digital Illusions (Dice) also delivers a bombastic single-player campaign. In addition to this multi-player Test refer to therefore also a special test for the solo mode.

Here, however, we devote ourselves to the question whether the multiplayer mode exist in the strict eyes of the fans and at the same time also can inspire newcomers. A cautious conclusion first: “Hell yeah!”.

Battlefield 3: Origin and Battlelog
Battlefield 3 requires a free account at EA’s online platform Origin, which then automatically creates a corresponding Battlelog account for Battlefield 3. Dice can at this time, surprisingly make any concrete statements about whether the Origin username here necessarily to your player name in Battlefield 3 or not.

During the beta phase, both names were inseparable. Then we EAs user support has assured in the retail version would create a separate soldier name – even if only one. In our test version of Battlefield 3 that was not possible, the Origin name is automatically to player names. Meanwhile, EA has but established a way to change their name.Get the chance and grab some Battlefield 3 aimbot.
Battlefield 3: The versions
The first edition of Battlefield 3 will be released as a “Limited Edition”, which includes the one-time usable code to download bonus pack “Back to Karkand”. It contains four modernized maps from Battlefield 2: “Strike at Karkand”, “Gulf of Oman” “Sharqi Peninsula” and “Wake Iceland.” The latter comes Although originally from Battlefield 1942, was taken with the 1.3 patch, but in Battlefield 2. On the classic maps also have suitable weapons and vehicles available. Back to Karkand is not for the launch of Battlefield 3 are available. Exactly when the maps are downloaded, we could not say EA. The four maps flow accordingly not included in our evaluation.

In addition, there is a Platinum Edition of Battlefield 3, which – is exactly the Limited Edition – apart from the high end box. This Deluxe version was only available at select retailers in Germany about the online shop “Was” because GameStop and other merchants now specify that it was sold out.

Those who pre-ordered Battlefield 3 on or gets additionally a download code for the “Physical Warfare Pack” with new weapons and upgrades: the Type 88 Light Machine Gun, the DAO-12 shotgun, including armor-piercing ammunition and Flechette the flash suppressor for the SKS sniper rifle, stay longer, thanks to the sniper undetected. The DLC will be later offered to all players.

Who Battlefield 3 pre-ordered at other retailers such as or receives, however, the “SPECACT Kit,” with eight multiplayer uniforms, thanks to which one can in online battles camouflage better. Plus there’s the “Dog Tag Pack” with ten additional dog tags. Probably there’s also this DLC later to buy.

Healer of All Trades: The Assault

The backbone of any Battlefield game are his soldiers classes. In Battlefield 2′s were at that time seven, but now has Dice shot all series and four. If you’re thinking: “Mark the ‘I have from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or Battlefield Heroes or Battlefield Play4Free, writes finally what about the Jets’, is wrong, because the developers have mixed the equipment for the fighter in Battlefield 3 useful and! new capabilities added. This creates a whole new feel.
Assault / Assault | Support / Support | Recon / Recon | Pioneer / Engineer
Battlefield 3: The Assault may distribute ammo, but only health packs and defibrillator shocks. Can he still keep his grenade launcher.

Assault / Assault
The Assault may distribute ammo, but only health packs and defibrillator shocks. Can he still keep his grenade launcher.

The medic is now called Assault. In other words: The guy with the grenade launcher can now heal and get back with the defibrillator fallen comrades to life. However, he must first unlock with points earned. As in Bad Company 2, the army surgeon’s role in the early days so do not fill completely, even if you earn the required device rank fairly quickly.

It also replaces the grenade launcher, so we take it, then, the Health Kit. We need to think about before the game start so what equipment will benefit us and the team more. The first aid package delivers more regular points, which Dice has made the often decried as “Noob Tube” (beginner tube) mortars uninteresting. If that means that we are often healed, we should be the only law.
The one with the big backpack: Support

Battlefield 3: The supporters can shoot with his mortar over obstacles, but relies on objective markers of his team. The supporters can shoot with his mortar over obstacles, but relies on objective markers of his team. Because the Assault now spends no more ammunition, thus itself no longer supplied with ammunition, it’s over with the unpopular “Grenade Spam” from Bad Company 2 in Battlefield 3. Supplies available here at the supply soldiers, also the only one who has access to the light machine guns in the game.

Who will be taken from such a gun under continuous fire, which blurs vision. This is intended to simulate the effect of cover fire. If such an intimidated opponent will be done by one of our colleagues, the gunner gets bonus points, even if he has not made himself the villain. A cool, promoting the Team Concept.
Things that make “Boom!”

The utility also has C4 and Claymores explosives in luggage. The latter are anti-personnel mines, which had been feared in Battlefield 2 or the Call of Duty series. Loosen but only in fast-moving enemies, so they can be circumvented by crawling or crouching. Because the supplier must always interpret a maximum of two claymores and six C4 charges at the same time, we do not face insurmountable minefields.

Battlefield 3
A heavily armed heavy gunship is the terror of all tanks. And infantrymen. And jets. A great stop terror.

And then the support is still an entirely new weapon available: the mortar. We put in a safe place and then use up over considerable distances splinters and smoke grenades. We will focus on a faded map of the battlefield, are so reliant on our teammates Mark opponents. This works on the same principle as in Bad Company 2: Focus on opponents and Q button, then the thief is a few seconds for all the team-mates, marked with a red arrow, both in the game world as well as on the map.